Mona's has been teaching her signature Restorative / Yoga Nidra/  Workshops for the past ten years. She has combined her knowledge of Yoga Nidra, which she started practicing at fourteen in India, with her love for Restorative which she credits with helping manage her asthma symptoms to create her own unique Restorative/ Yoga Nidra Workshops. She teaches two different series, one to balance the chakras and the other to balance the doshas.

Each practice begins with gentle guided vinyasa to release stress in the breath and tension from the muscles and joints. Participants then recline on bolsters to the sound of soothing music, the aroma of essential oils and gentle hands on adjustments. Restorative poses are held for about ten to fifteen minutes. Her workshops  end with a thirty to forty minute long yoga nidra. 

Yoga Nidra is a guided  guided auditory meditation technique practiced lying down in savasana. It is based on  an ancient tantric technique called nyasa in which practitioners through brought awareness to different parts of the body. Through the practice of yoga nidra practitioners are able to enter the hypnogogic state, between being asleep and being awake, a  state that induces a deep state of relaxation, releases past memories trapped in the unconscious and enables one to experience an expanded state of consciousness.

Restorative / Yoga Nidra and Pranayama 


Thursday, June 7th 6:30 – 8:30 pm

A Practice designed to balance our energy and connect back to spirit.

Prana  is the vital force that rides on the breath and enlivens us. Pranayama means expansion of this vital force. We use pranayama techniques to balance our energy, to reign in our minds and our senses, to heal, to create internal transformation and to  lift  our consciousness.

We are made up of five vibratory fields (koshas) that surround our spirit.  One of these fields is the  pranamaya kosha   which is the fuel for the other vibratory fields.   The other fields  include  the  physical body, the mind, the wisdom body and the bliss body. Just as the physical body is made up of our muscles, joints, organs etc the pranamaya kosha is  made up of  of  five forms of  prana. These five forms of prana are called vayus, and govern  different functions in us.

They are:

  • Prana vayu  that brings in energy, prana
  • Apana vayu  that governs  the releases  of waste
  • Vyana  vayu   that distributes  the energy we take in
  • Samana vayu  that  transforms  energy  from one form into another
  • Udana vayu   that governs the upward movement of energy toward higher consciousness.

In this workshop we will balance these vayus using a pranayama technique developed by Mona and Alan called  ISHTA Vayu Shodana. We will also incorporate  various other pranayama techniques  and visualizations  into the asana,  restorative  and yoga nidra practice.  When  our prana is balanced we are able to  connect back to spirt and  we feel energized and inspired in our day to day living.

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