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Yoga Nidra with Mona Anand for Deep Relaxation or Sleep

Yoga Nidra to Lift Your Spirits with Mona Anand


" Your CD is absolutely amazing.  It is best when you can soak up every word. I listened to it yesterday (loved the fact that there are different versions) while walking on the beach.  Your tone is perfect! Loved the attention to joints and chakra points and the reminders to just accept yourself.  For myself, I can see also listening to it in a seated position that keeps me alert so that I can experience the full beauty of opening up my body with light.  This will be a tough act for you to follow - it is amazing, inspiring, and transpiring! Thank you!" 

- Evelyn Abruzzo, E-RYT-500, Senior ISHTA Teacher, and ISHTA Yin Speciality Teacher

Yoga Nidra with Mona Anand: Yoga Nidra Practices Designed to Ground and Center



I absolutely love the new CD. I enjoy the hot oil very much, I think it suits me very well. And I actually really like the music on the pre asana track. I think that was a good choice! I feel the sounds like a wave of heartbeats and breath that vibrates and calms me.

-  Sara Ivarsson, RYT, Sweden

Pre-Yoga Nidra Asana and Restorative Video

Mona's pre yoga nidra asana and restorative practice to lift your spirits. Made by Yogobe. Ideally practiced before yoga nidra. 


Yogobe is a Swedish yoga, health and wellness community with tutorial videos soon to launch in English for their global following.