Yoga Spotlight

Honored to be featured in this Yogi Spotlight!

“Yoga nidra has been a meditation technique that I’ve been passionate about since I was first introduced to it in school in Mumbai.

As a teacher, I’ve spent the last ten years customizing yoga nidras for different energetic imbalances. I’ve designed restorative /yoga nidra workshops for each of the chakras where the premeditative asanas, the restorative poses, and all of the steps of yoga nidra are customized to balance a specific chakra.

My students  have found that through these workshops they develop a much better understanding of the subtle body and came away feeling much more balanced energetically.

I’m currently writing a book with my teacher, Alan Finger, on yoga nidra and the chakras.  I’ve also developed yoga nidras for specific doshic imbalances.”

Wellness Magazine